Hi friends, 

I'm Danielle.


I help individuals tune in and use their body's unspoken voice to help them navigate difficult transitions and integrate past experiences and trauma through a symbolic  journey.

I’m an integrative embodiment coach, depth psychology PhD candidate, somatic experiencing practitioner student, doctor of physical therapy, and host of The Embodied Podcast.

I’m a light hearted introvert who loves to explore the mysteries of humanity.

I am here in the cosmic soup with you and I have dedicated my life to the exploration and construction of the bridges between science and the sacred.

Remember your worth, your sense of wholeness, and your true Self


Are you ready to transform from feeling stuck & exhausted from striving to a sense of ease & grace as you navigate this messy human experience?

Are you longing for a meaningful, compassionate connection with yourself and the world around you?

My mission is to offer mental, emotional, and spiritual healing to individuals through depth psychological coaching methodologies. 


Imagine your current life-situation, exactly wherever you are, as the starting point in your  journey. 


When you look at the world in this way, your current situation becomes a universal invitation encouraging you to participate in what the world has to offer you.

 You recognize that the call is already there, you just might not see it beyond the pain, the suffering, and the struggle.


In other words, your life, as it is now, is a reflection of your immediate calling, your starting point. 

You don’t have to look anywhere else. 

The invitation is there... to be you, to reconnect with you, little by little, every day. 


By bridging unconscious material into consciousness, this gives you the strength and resilience to embody the most authentic and expressed version of yourself that both you AND the world deserves.

My passion for this work, paired with my honest, validating, and judgement free approach helps you feel safe enough to take that next step towards wholeness.

I will be your guide and your mirror of compassion and empathy because I deeply believe that everybody on this earth serves a purpose, and it is an injustice to not understand and be able to embody your true strengths and gifts.

I'm Committed to Healing, and Helping you Heal too.

Where do you need guidance?

Mental/Emotional Healing

Whether it’s a 1:1 container or group coaching, we will work from the inside out to name and integrate those parts of yourself that you dislike the most.

You know...the parts that feel broken, helpless, and hopeless.

Together, we turn with curiosity towards your current situation, experience, and symptom that is drawing your attention and use that material to alchemize the freedom and healing you’ve longed for.


Born to Heal

Born to Heal is my signature 12-week group program designed for those who are sick of feeling stuck and swallowed by your emotions.


If you're invested in the "long game" and desire a truly deep relationship with yourself, this course will help you navigate your internal experiences with a new found level of compassion and curiosity.


Committed to You



It takes a little bit of vulnerability,
a little bit of muscle,
and a whole lot of courage.
Are you ready to step into your wholeness?


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The Embodied Podcast is for the lost souls, the disintegrated spirits, the wanderers, the dreamers, and the seekers.

This podcast is centered around solo and interview style conversations to foster healing, transformation, self-expression, creativity, and the development of consciousness.

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