Hi friends! I'm Danielle

I'm the brains behind this business.

I'm a Doctor of Physical therapy turned integrative life coach.

I'm an empath at heart with a deep desire to Help others merge the brain, body, and spirit.

I kept asking myself...


“How can I become the person who believes she is worthy of a better existence?” 

“How can I turn my beliefs of "I can't" into "I can.” 

“Who will I become if I commit to this path?”


So, in my lowest moments, I mustered up all the courage I had, and I:


  • I took a giant-ass leap of faith and quit my previous business.

  • I started my own business and dove DEEP into questioning EVERY SINGLE THING I BELIEVED TO BE TRUE.

  • I began to shift my content on Instagram from just physical content into EVERYTHING I WAS LEARNING ON MY HEALING JOURNEY.

  • I learned the strength in asking for help and hired MULTIPLE mentors, coaches, and therapists to help me. 

  • I spent thousands of dollars to get help on healing the relationship to myself, my family, my work, and my significant other.

  • I applied to go back to school for a PhD in something I WAS ACTUALLY  passionate about...depth psychology.


I was starting to finally feel like I was living MY life,

not the life my parents wanted for me, and NOT the life where all decisions are made out of fear of rejection.

I started to feel become more and more aligned with the impact I wanted to make, I gained clarity on what I wanted from my life, my career, and my relationships, and I was learning what it meant to be truly tested on my courage, faith, receptivity, forgiveness, and grace. 


2018 was my ROCK BOTTOM year,

2019 was my PHOENIX RISING year, and

2020 was the year I would EMBODY my lessons.


By 2020, I attracted the career I had always dreamt of,

got engaged to a man that mirrors to me exactly how worthy and capable that I am,

applied for a PhD program and got accepted, and

started my own podcast interviewing incredible humans who are OWNING and EMBODYING their truth.




I would love to work with you to help you learn this.

From depressed physical therapist to

integrative embodiment coach

It took me over 5 years to get to where I am today.

The road was messy and I dragged my ass through the depths of my once fragmented soul.

These days, I reflect back and realize I only was beating myself up to cope with the fact I was NOT choosing myself.


Here is what I learned, and how you can learn from my journey:


Throughout physical therapy school, I had many internal pangs of truth that PT was not right for me, but I ignored them.

I deemed those body sensations less important than the achievement of a doctoral degree.
As I walked across the graduation stage, I felt no emotional energy and no sense of accomplishment move through my body.
All I could feel was the pain of not choosing myself.

Over those 3 years working towards my doctorate,

I ignored my passions, I ignored my TRUE potential, and refused to face ALL of the feelings that came with it...

until that point. I KNEW I HAD TO LOOK AT IT.


Before getting to a place where I actually could courageously step towards my truth,

I had to get clear on a few things:


1. What do YOU actually want Danielle?


I KNEW I wanted to be in the healing space, and I wanted to do it in a way addressed the root causes of suffering.


2. What do YOU actually FEEL?


I felt sad, trapped, weak, inadequate, and stupid. 



Because I still didn't have enough courage to accept those feelings, I found myself...

...Working in a business where I was emotionally used and abused wondering if I’d ever be able to quit

...Barely paying my bills and feeling so helpless and hopeless

...Suffering from anxiety and depression and being terrified to admit it

...Struggling in an almost 3 year toxic friendship I was terrified to end

...Losing hope that I would ever fulfill my dreams of making the true impact I knew I could in the world.



With all of that said, it would be silly for me to question my validity as a integrative healing coach, for the lived experience of mental and emotional pain and suffering, transformation, and individuation is far beyond that which is only learned by a degree.

My path isn't one that is on the straight and narrow.

It's messy and complicated.

But within the messy and complicated that life brings, my commitment to this business and those whom I serve is to continually expand with transparency.

To let my ego strengthen and die over and over again so that I can learn the lessons and receive the invitations from that which is greater than myself so that my work in the world is what you deserve.

Here's to healing, starting with the individual.


All the love,


So, enough about me...here is what this business is all about

I started this company in July 2019.


My work is all about coming home and finding safety in the tensions of life. It is about finding the space between order and chaos ( your masculine and feminine energies).


My work is constructed so that qualities of the masculine and feminine are honored with the intention being a path that leads to wholeness, integration, and embodiment .

As humans we often experience what's called the liminal space.

This space is defined as a space where you have left something behind, yet, you are not yet fully in something else.
It involves embracing the mystery and the power of transition from “what has been” to “what will be.”
This is what I help you do.

I guide individuals through that space whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Before this space, there may be:
“I just feel stuck,”
“I know there is more,” or
“Life feels meaningless.”

In this space are all of the limiting beliefs:
“I am unworthy”
“I am not strong enough to handle this”
“I am not going fast enough”

These narratives are narratives of survival.
This is where we name and reintegrate those disintegrated parts of ourselves that we dislike the most.

This is where we turn with curiosity towards our inner, most authentic Self.



The ALPHA pole of our business model is grounded in the masculine energy. 
This pole of coaching is centered  around our Embodied Warrior program.

This program is more than simply strength training. 

We challenge your body and mind with physical and cognitive stimuli.

It is important that we are fostering  intrinsic inspiration through the creation of a new, healthy habits that align with your personal values.

Masculine Qualities in the Embodied Warrior Program:





The FEMME pole of our business model is expressed through expansion and flow of the feminine energy. 
This pole is centered around our Embodied group program as well as one-one integrative mentorship.

We use intuition and heart centered coaching to teach the tools and skills that are required to return to and embody your most authentic self. 
It is important that we are opening our hearts, nurturing all versions of ourselves, and opening ourselves to our innate, intuitive spirit.

We practice holistic wellness by honoring all aspects of the human experience including the mind, body, and soul.

Feminine Qualities in the Embodied Program:


My values for my work

I understand that without connection, there is no trust.

Without trust there is no safe space.

I want your journey to be a safe space where you feel seen, felt, and heard no matter what your current story is.


I refuse to stagnate.

Without growth, I am unable to open myself to the opportunities that life gives me to serve.


Without authenticity, again, there is no trust.

I want you to feel as if every part of our journey is one rooted in humanity.

That means publicly letting my ego constantly die.

Without the honest portrayal of my journey, I keep on  my mask.

I promise to remove my mask so that together we can uncover our true selves.


I firmly believe you have the ability to change your own life, I just assist you with the use of my tools, skills, and coaching.


The work I do is not work.

I serve from a place that is life affirming.

My services provide deep meaning to me and that’s exciting.

My hope is that my passion is contagious and spreads into areas of your own life.


©2019 by Danielle McGinnis.
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