Born to Heal for Men

A 12-week course guiding you through your journey inwards

to confront your emotional landscape with courage and truth. 

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"Don't let the voice in your head shit talk

you out of the truth in your heart."

-Connor Beaton

Men...Let's be real

The influx of noise about what a man "should be" can feel smothering, inauthentic, and not useful/applicable to you in your life. 


What is missing is the root of the problem.

What is needed is an in depth exploration of your inner landscape (that includes mind, body, and soul).


Be honest with me:

Have you been through REAL, ROUGH, and PAINFUL shit and you were told to just suck it up.

If you didn't, you felt weak, inadequate, and angry.

Let me ask you:

 Do you feel disconnected from what you feel like you are meant to do in this life (your purpose or your why?)

Are you stressed out by the pressure to provide and feel like doing something that is meaningful to YOU

 is put on the back burner?

Do you feel disconnected in your close relationships?

Do you feel misunderstood because you ARE trying to improve, but the people around you don't acknowledge it?

 and do you struggle to articulate what you feel to the people closest to you?

Let's face it... 2020 is a shit show for a number of reasons. 

But the collective call to adventure, the call for individual healing and growth is needed now more than ever.

Our patterns of collective wounding are being mirrored to us so heavily that it is frustrating to look at what has happened to our culture.

Now is the time where healing of the individual is exactly what is being asked of us in order to heal the collective.


Because we're keeping it real, I'm sure the thought of diving deep into this "inner world" sounds kind of

 lack luster and unimportant.

You might be wondering,

"What does that even mean?"

Maybe you've always felt like the parts of you that make you feel the most defective and/or inadequate

are the problem, 

but they aren't...

the problem is the way that you relate to those parts of yourself.

It is through your own personal hero's journey where you discover that those parts of you that you hate the most are actually the parts of you that make you the most human and the most whole.

"You can’t long tolerate being swamped and overwhelmed beyond your capacity to cope while you are learning what you still need to know.

Thus, you need to place one foot in what you have mastered and understood and the other in what you are currently exploring and mastering.

Then you have positioned yourself where the terror of existence is under control and you are secure, but where you are also alert and engaged.

That is where there is something new to master and some way that you can be improved.

That is where meaning is to be found.”

-Jordan Peterson


  • you could process anger in a meaningful way so that you aren't constantly in the grips of your reactivity?

  • you could follow through with projects and healthy habits from a place of fulfillment vs. a place of boredom?

  • you were struggling and you felt secure and confident enough to talk about it?

  • you didn't feel anxious about failing everybody around you?

  • you could be present with your partner and improve your intimate partnership?

  • you had the tools to identify what you are feeling without getting stuck in cycles of judgement or overthinking?

  • you could communicate how you feel and what you need to those around you from a place of clarity?

  • you woke up everyday with less obligation to the clock and with more ease in your work and your relationships?

  • you felt supported and strong enough to confront the parts of yourself that you loathe and approach them from a place of curiosity and understanding?

  • you could reclaim your inner masculine qualities such as internal stability, discernment, confidence, protection, and clarity

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Born to Heal for Men

The 12 week group program to guide you through unlearning your adaptive patterns and behaviors from the past while shining light on the deepest corners of your psyche to relearn, create, and stand confidently in a new story for your life that allows you to step forward with courage, honor, and dignity for yourself.

What if I told you that you are a complex being made up of many parts. 

You have parts that desire attention, you have parts that are angry, you have parts of you that are kind...

there is so much to who your are.

It’s all about learning to become aware of and accept all of these parts of yourself. 

Here's how we will do it :

1.  We will methodically NAME your self-destructive patterns of behavior.

2.  We will creatively CONNECT and integrate them into your everyday life.

3.  We will EMBODY. We learn to experience life as the versions of ourselves that you can be proud of.

Men...I want to learn as well...


What the hell am I doing taking on a men's group program?

I'm a woman, how could I possibly understand the struggles of a man?

Straight up, I can't...but the best I can do is try.

 I can try because we all learn in relationship to one another and in my experience, the men I've come across in my life have been VERY different, each with their own angels and their own demons,

each with a unique learning lesson for me.

Another thing...I'm rooting for you.

I do not believe that women have to harden themselves to show men our power.

I do believe patriarchy exists, but I believe it's built into our culture to maintain order.

 I DON'T believe that men are out to get me and make me weak. 

I believe in good men. 

Men who are trying and those men deserve space to be accepted for their short comings.

It is by opening ourselves to this work that allows each sex to learn about each other and grow together in the process.

There are times in my life where I had rejected my own power so much that I also rejected my innate feminine gifts.

It was like I was moving through life as a weak man.

It was because I was confusing power with love and acceptance.

It was because I was so disconnected with myself that I used power to manipulate my environment to receive love.

We all have masculine and feminine energies within. 

If these weren't modeled to us well by our parents, we end up trying to heal them in our relationships, often causing each other much heartbreak, pain, and suffering.


I am here to help you reconnect with the parts of yourself that have become disintegrated, cut off, and are unconsciously running your life.


“Going into it I didn’t realize I had a lot emotions that I was pushing down. I had some deep dark stuff that needed to come to surface. Danielle gives you all of the tools and skills to work through it.”


“I was able to express everything that came up and she never judged me. I was able to embrace those feelings.”

"Not having met you up until this point Ms. Danielle (hahah, as my daughters call you) it has been nothing but excellent.

Your communication skills show wisdom and understanding.

You have spoken with empathy and compassion when leading.

No, that skill doesn't come with just having a doctorate. I know plenty of PhD acquaintances that are total asses and all they want to do is tell you what they know and how "I'm doing it wrong." 

Lastly, knowing you are engaged to Rick tells me that you are a fantastic human. I have spoken to my daughters about you when they ask me about our work and you should know that you are giving them "someone to look up to", and someone I can trust to show them what it is to be a strong powerful woman."

The Curriculum

Forest Path

Module 1: Inner World

Week 1: The Nervous System, Awareness, Felt Sense

Week 2: Psychological Resistance

Week 3: Relationship with Mother

Week 4: Relationship with Father

Week 5: Shadow Work

You have 2 options...

1. You can continue to suffer in silence, convince yourself you're fine, and not ask for help.

2. You can take the courageous journey inwards and shine light on every crevice of your soul. 


Are you ready to choose a meaningful, soulful existence?

Are you ready to NAME your patterns, behaviors, and destructive self talk that keep you stuck in anger and frustration and

INTEGRATE them with courage and truth?

This process requires dedication, courage, and a whole lot of honesty with yourself.

Together, you, myself, as well as the community inside this program, can

step into these new territories with honor.

Are you ready to start your journey back to the depths?


"I have learned how to reframe my thought processes and get curious as to why I am feeling/reacting/reaching for comfort and support the way that I do.

Getting the permission to put myself first to uncover what it is that I need when I get reactive or, sometimes, disengage, has been beyond helpful!

Thank you Danielle for offering the space to work through this hard thought provoking material."

Inner World - Bridge - Outer world


What's Included?

  • 12 LIVE weekly group coaching calls with me

  • Exclusive access to the private Born to Heal Slack channel where you'll have all your questions answered within hours of posting + daily accountability from myself + the other men in the group.

  • Course content (including video lectures, weekly worksheets, journaling exercises)

  • Weekly guided contemplations led by me based on the personal struggles of the group

  • Brotherhood in a group setting where we work together by using the power of experience and story to transmute suffering into wisdom

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You struggle with anger and aggression and it is keeping you frustrated and misunderstood.

  • You "have it all", but still feel a sense of emptiness.

  • You feel like a fake and a fraud.

  • You sabotage good opportunities for yourself.

  • You are a harsh critic, tyrant, and or judge to yourself.

  • You struggle to maintain presence in your intimate relationships.

  • You feel depressed and feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

  • You spend hours upon hours reading books and listening to podcasts but still feel stuck in analysis paralysis.

  • You struggle with patterns of addiction and cannot distinguish between what is a normal urge and what is evil.

  • You are stuck in past wounds and feel overwhelmed by the present moment and the future.

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This course is NOT for you if:

I believe in full transparency and giving YOU the autonomy to choose if this course is calling you forward.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You do not care to spend your time on internal world

  • You view yourself as better than others.

  • You are not open to feedback from others.

  • You are looking for someone to fix you.

  • You are not willing to do the work and take action steps towards your desires.

  • You do not believe that investing in yourself is important.

If you believe you are a right fit for this journey of a lifetime, click below to apply and get on the waitlist!

Frequently asked Questions

How long is the course?

12 weeks, but you have content access for life.


Meet Danielle

 Hi friends, I'm Danielle. I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy turned integrative embodiment coach. I dedicate my life to mirroring, guiding, and walking individuals back to a life that is reflective of his or her soul's path.

I spent most of my life suppressing/repressing my needs, desires, and true passions for things and systems outside of myself.  I got the degree, and felt unfulfilled, I had the relationship, again, unfulfilled, had the social media following, still unfulfilled.

It wasn't until I realized that until I stopped searching outside of myself, I would never feel a sense of fulfillment. 

After a dark night of the soul, my previous business collapsing, and attaining a doctoral degree that left me feeling lifeless, I decided it was time to walk myself home.

The last few years of my life I have dedicated myself to unlearning what isn't mine, integrating what is, and stepping towards the life I desire.


Healing to me is about actively addressing your life with an "eyes open" compassionate approach.

It requires grace, surrender, acceptance, responsibility, devotion, and a true desire to change.

This isn't about rejecting the parts of you that you hate, it is about loving all of you, and allowing more space for you to exist.

It's about a more unconditional presence for yourself.

I have taken the steps thus far to walk towards and embody the life that represents more ease, more grace, and more connectedness to all of humanity. 

Like I mentioned above, this path is a path you're going to be walking the rest of your life, it seems to me that we shouldn't be at odds with ourselves for the remainder of our time here.
After leaving physical therapy to pursue my true path, I have been working with individuals from all walks of life to becoming more embodied representations of the humans they truly want to be.

And I can't wait for YOU to be one of them!

Let's work together...