1-1 Work with Me

WHAT IF you could redirect the trajectory of feeling stuck and obligation to the things that don't feel in alignment with you?

WHAT IF you could stop repeating the unconscious self protective patterns that keep you small

WHAT IF you could develop an emotional intelligence to attract the meaningful relationships that we all desire?

WHAT IF you transform your life into a life full of possibility, creativity, and meaning?


To me, coaching from a depth psychological lens means taking a perspective that suffering is the result of striving towards wholeness.

This means acknowledging and creating a relationship with the unconscious through Jungian-oriented 1:1 sessions, emotional intelligence, dream tending, and active imagination work.

Most individuals I work with begin to ask themselves, “Is what I am striving towards meaningful and fulfilling to me?”

I help individuals who feel stuck in this process of becoming who they feel they are meant to be.

Rather than deeming your struggle an illness, what if we viewed it as a sign from the unconscious that perhaps we need a new perspective, a new path, or a new orientation towards life?

Think of this similar to the way we know that fever is our body’s way of trying to rid itself of an infection.


Symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, or addiction can be a way for our psyche to alert us of some deeper problem.


Oftentimes, deep healing reveals itself when we don’t flatten our embodied experience into a box.


My job is to provide you with safe space and guidance as you learn to discover this deeper problem and work creatively and dynamically with it in order to draw you into a deeper exploration of the mystery and meaning of your life.

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