Athletics and Life Lessons

What athletics gave me...

A lot of championship games, a lot of amazing plays, a lot of team camaraderie, and a lot of mental and emotional challenges.

When I reflect back on my athletic career growing up, I would not trade one second of these experiences for anything.

You think there is more to life than how hard you can hit a fastball to the gap or hit the winning three-point shot at the buzzer, but for me personally, those moments have been some of my most defining moments.

For most of us, we won't carry our athletic endeavors with us into our adult lives, but what if we carried the lessons that we gained from our experiences into our adult lives. If you were lucky enough to have found something that you were so passionate about and dedicated YEARS of your life to it, shouldn't it mean something?

Life is pretty much guaranteed to throw you a curve ball every now and again, but what you do when adversity hits you, really shows you your character and your true resiliency to handle the chaos of life.

Throughout my athletic career, I learned how to keep fighting and persevere towards a win, even when my team was down by 2 runs in the last inning. I learned that being an under dog can sometimes be a blessing and an opportunity for potential. I learned how to support my teammates who are going through a slump and how excitement and enthusiasm are infectious traits to have when you're on a team. Finally, I learned to step into my fears of leadership, because when moral was low, someone had to take the reigns...I chose to lead, despite my fear.