The Mother Wound by Kylie McBeath

The patriarchy wound doesn't escape anyone on this planet. No matter how you self-identify, this social system has *created massive splits* for each of us internally. I've not only been researching the threads of this wound for the last 2 years, but I have been living inside of it.

At first I was directing all of my anger/grief (unprocessed emotional trauma) at my own mother. **staying here in this inter-generational trauma loop keeps us stuck**

Our anger/grief at being shackled to this limited and inaccurate depiction of women and the ways we’ve expressed this pain from mother to daughter is valid...but guess what?

She's not the root cause of this pain. This doesn’t mean taking responsibility for how it has manifested isn’t is. And...feeling this level of grief/rage is no joke.


The current system we live in and have lived in, is the root cause of this split. The one that places women beneath men — from the garden to the grave. The one that burned wise women, an