The Power of "I AM"


Have you ever truly thought about the power of the words “I AM”?

“I AM” is one of the most powerful statements we can make about ourselves.

This is at the root of why I started the brand AlphaFemme.

The brand was created as a space and a platform to present you with the “I AM” statement and subsequentily give you the opportunity to redefine past relationships with the physical, emotional, and spiritual roadblocks in your life. By redefining those relationships you're positioned to take the power back in your life, write your own story, and to live as the highest version of yourself.


Do you even realize the subconscious “I AM” statements that you are holding about yourself?

These could very likely be rooted in narratives from past programming and experiences that no longer serve you.

The present tense of the words “I AM” brings those former narratives out of the subconscious, up to the surface, and into the conscious mind.

You are then able to actively choose who you are claiming to be in the present, today, at this very moment.


The “I AM” statement is one of pure creation.

Whatever follows your “I AM” is the creation of your current internal beliefs and the narratives that you are choosing.

Think about that for a second. Let’s be radically honest with ourselves:

What do YOU think of YOURSELF?

What are you saying about who you are on a daily basis?

What is it that you desire and are not manifesting?

For me, my internal narratives were telling me that I was a Doctor of Physical Therapy and I could only be deemed worthy or successful if I practice as a PT in an outpatient clinic.

After I realized that I truly had/have the power to declare my future by what I choose in the present moment, the game changed.

I AM more than a PT.

I AM more than an Instagram page.

I AM more than muscles.

I AM worthy of pursuing my dreams of healing others physically, emotionally, and spiritually through my knowledge.

I AM a light of healing that this world needs.


What a beautiful opportunity we have to take every moment of every day and turn a desired version of ourselves into reality.

For example, you can move from statements such as,

“I want a lovable relationship” to “I AM lovable in my present state.”

That is power.

That is empowerment.

That is life.